Creedence in front of mantel

About Creedence:

I am Her Majesty, Creedence Leonore Gielgud, Queen of the Goblins! I come from Stonehenge, of Ancient Druid origins. Our blood flows green. We consume only plant matter! I've dwelled and swelled since well before time. I have many alter egos that may fool you, the most annoying, being that Deborah Reed, person. She talks too much for me! Hear her not, as she knows nothing!

My Mission:

Increasing my minions throughout the world. Making life a little Greener, week by week, Goblin by Goblin - Veggie by Veggie. Goblins rule!

Deborah's Corner:

Okay, so I talk a lot, but I've got my reasons... Don't worry fellow humans, I'll try my best to keep Creedence in line... and perhaps together we can turn her World of Green, into a Good Green Thing... A world that's little Kinder for our planet, Animals, and the Humans who care for them and One Another...

Confused? Stay tuned, and let's have fun and figure it out together... hee hee

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